The Number Four Chart


The number four is a very significant symbol in the Bible. It represents a progressive rebellion and abomination that comes in among God’s people repeatedly throughout history. Ezekiel was shown the four escalating abominations among God’s people at Jerusalem in chapter 8 of his book. The same pattern can be seen in the four insects of Joel Chapter 2, verse 25. This same pattern is illustrated in may other places throughout the Bible. Each of them parallel the others in a way that is so perfect, and so wonderful, only the infinite wisdom of God could have designed it. This chart compares the parallels of several of them, including Ezra chapter 8, Joel chapter 2, Leviticus chapter 26, Lucifer’s progressive rebellion in Heaven and more. This is a very profound and deep Bible study that adds a lot of light and deepens understanding of current events within the Adventist Church.

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