The Nature of Man

NOTES Zimbabwe camp-meeting “To the Very Letter – 2017”
Parminder Biant

No work ever undertaken by man requires greater care and skill than the proper training and education of youth and children. There are no influences so potent as those which surround us in our early years. Says the wise man, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” The nature of man is three-fold, and the training enjoined by Solomon comprehends the right development of the physical, intellectual, and moral powers. To perform this work aright, parents and teachers must themselves understand “the way the child should go.” This embraces more than a knowledge of books or the learning of the schools. It comprehends the practice of temperance, brotherly-kindness, and godliness; the discharge of our duty to ourselves, to our neighbors and to God. RH January 10, 1882, par. 1

The Nature of Man - Parminder

The Bridegroom Cometh

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– the Midnight Cry
– The Reform Lines
– Millerite History
– Public Evangelism
– Fanaticism
– The Number 4
– Ezra 7:9
– The 120
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The Longest Prophetic Period

icon_longest_timeprophecy“The time is fulfilled, the kingdom of God is at hand,” so Miller and his associates proclaimed that the longest and last prophetic period brought to view in the Bible was about to expire.” Great Controversy, 351.
Are the 2300 days the longest prophetic period, according to Ellen White? Noel del Rosal gives a short answer to this common question and argument when dealing with the 2520 year prophecy.