The Regan/Clovis Parallel

With the parallels that exist in Daniel 11:30-36 and the role of the USA in 11:40-45, one of the interesting points was the parallel of the seven European kings and the USA during the Regan years. Regan was the first US president to change the country’s religion from true Protestantism to Apostate Protestantism (Catholicism with a new name), beginning the US’s role in prophetic history, paralleling the role of Clovis, the first of the pagan European kings to change their country’s religion from paganism to Catholicism, in 496. But, there were seven kings that did the same from 496 to 508, the last of them being England.

When dealing with this subject with others, the seeming inconsistency of there only being four US presidents from that time (Regan years) to the present, brings up two thoughts. First, is the parallel itself lacking a fulfillment? And secondly, if the parallel is indeed true (I believe it is), does that mean we have three more presidents to go, giving us at least 16 years (Bush’s second 4 year term followed by three other presidents and their 4 year terms) before the parallel is completely fulfilled?

When asked these questions a thought popped into my mind. We must deal with the subject of presidents in light of the terms they held office. Regan held 2 terms, Bush Sr. held 1, Clinton held 2, and now Bush Jr. is on his 2nd term in office. Thus reckoning from that point of view the 7 kings (presidents) have now come to complete fulfillment making the parallel PRESENT TRUTH. Let me know what you think! May your name remain, JS.


Brother JS,

Very interesting observation, but for me it is simply that at this point. Perhaps more history will confirm or deny that parallel. I would point out though, that we could have three other presidents in a short period of time, though I am not settling into your position or suggesting a secondary one. Jeff.

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