The prophecy about the 2520 years has been concealed from Adventists for a long time. What is the meaning of this prophecy for our time, and why has this prophecy been dismissed as an error of the Pioneers?

When we first came to understand the 2520 we wanted to present what we understood about it. We had two weekend meetings planned back to back in two different cities with several hours the first weekend and several hours the second weekend. We recorded all presentations both weekends and I think we ended up with 25 hours in one language, in order to deal with the 2520. For you to ask me to shrink down the significance of the 2520 into an interview is… Some people can probably do it, but I don’t have the ability.

One thing of importance: It’s a time prophecy. It works on the year-day principle. Every Seventh-day Adventist is familiar with the year-day principle. Very few Seventh-day Adventists have ever heard of the 2520, but all of the Millerite preachers preached the 2520 – every one of them. As God leads his end of the world people back to the foundational truths of Adventism, He designed the 2520 and placed it upon the chart as a simple tool that would be easily understood by Adventists. It is simply the year-day principle in order to stimulate their sanctified curiosity to investigate the foundations.

I have taught the 2520 to hundreds of Seventh-day Adventists that never knew it. The first time they see it, they understand it. They may not have tested it to see if it’s true but they understand simply because it’s a year-day time prophecy. I believe the Lord uses the 1843 chart and the 2520 as a hook to lead His people back to the foundations. The Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy teach specifically that the foundations are not going to be accepted by the majority of Adventists at the end of the world. Let’s read once again from Jeremiah 6:16. We’ve read it already, and all the prophets are speaking about the end of the world. “Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.” When we return to the old paths there is going to be a group of us that refuse to do so.

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