Samuel Bachiocchi and the 1260

I learned this last week that Sam Bachiocchi is putting forth a “new understanding” regarding the 1260 day/years. I was deeply saddened. I will not read it unless duty demands it, but I wondered if you had heard about it? That is one of the clearest and well established foundation rocks of our prophetic understanding. How could anyone have the nerve to lay unhallowed hands on that? I wanted to weep!

I wanted to ask a question and I do not mean it as any criticism in the least. I want to have a full spectrum of your prophetic information on the subweb—and I don’t have as much transcribed as I would wish. I haven’t been getting the time to do much and have been sicker than usual lately. But what I want to ask is this. I find that all the messages coming out lately seem to be repetitious, and I can understand that they might have to be, but can you provide some guidance to me as to what is the most important articles to set before the people in order to cover the message without so much repetition? Could you send me e-files like you did that one time so I could post them on the subweb?


Yes, I have heard about Bachiochi’s new ideas. Too often, it appears to me, that theologians set aside established foundations under the pretense of upholding an incorrect definition of intellectual honesty. I sometimes think theologians will be the most difficult humans for God to save, because they spend their efforts studying about God instead of seeking to know God.

“Jesus chose unlearned fishermen because they had not been schooled in the traditions and erroneous customs of their time. They were men of native ability, and they were humble and teachable,—men whom He could educate for His work. In the common walks of life there is many a man patiently treading the round of daily toil, unconscious that he possesses powers which, if called into action, would raise him to an equality with the world’s most honored men. The touch of a skillful hand is needed to arouse those dormant faculties. It was such men that Jesus called to be His co-laborers; and He gave them the advantage of association with Himself. Never had the world’s great men such a teacher. When the disciples came forth from the Saviour’s training, they were no longer ignorant and uncultured. They had become like Him in mind and character, and men took knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus.” The Desire of Ages, 250.

I also struggle with the repetition of my material. But, I am under conviction that the themes we are sharing are present truth, and that they are widely unknown or misunderstood. Because of this, it is difficult for me to move away from the basic truths which we present. It is a personal dilemma I deal with regularly. I am stuck with this situation until the Lord removes the burden I have for the basic principles which I return to so often. If I was to council you on which presentation are the most important I would suggest The Final Rise and Fall of the King of the North as the foundation of our material. This sets forth the basic prophetic understanding that brings all our other materials together, I would follow that by the series titled Adventism’s Parable, for this brings the prophetic message together with us as God’s people. I would then look at The Judgment of the Living and The Purification of God’s Church series. For me it is important to understand what takes place at the Sunday law and how the Sunday law relates to Christ’s work in the Most Holy Place. These two series touch on these themes.

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