In your lectures you often mention that the prophetic chart of 1843 is again a message for us. Could you please explain that to us more precisely?

I have just one thought I want to add there. When you look closely at the Testimonies of the Bible prophets, of the foundations, such as Isaiah 58:12, we have been told, that we’ll have to return to and restore the old paths. When we get to the end of the world, we no longer remember what the foundations are. The Lord leads His people back to the foundations. One of the tools the Lord uses that lead us back to the foundations at the end of the world is the 1843 chart. When I am sharing this chart, there are many truths on this chart, and I ask the audience: Can you give a Bible study concerning the truths on this chart? Virtually no one in the audience will know what those truths are. The chart allows us to introduce the foundational truths and at the same time demonstrate to God’s people the need to reinvestigate what they are, because we no longer know what they are.

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