Daniel 11:43-45

Good Morning Jeff,

In Daniel 11:43: Could that be referring to the time when the “no buy-no sell” decree goes forth globally? Who are the “Lybians and Ethiopians” who “shall be at his steps”?

Daniel 11:44: Tidings “out of the east” refers to the Loud Cry final message of God’s mercy, but what message comes out of the north? The papacy is in the north! And I’m assuming the “great fury to destroy” refers to decree to kill God’s faithful.

Daniel 11:45: Forgive me, please. I know you have addressed this in earlier tapes and newsletters, but I am just now getting into this and don’t know where to look for this answer. I am thinking this could mean the papacy’s setting up residence or some other position of power in literal Jerusalem although I don’t know what “between the seas” refers to. We know there are negotiations going on between Israel and pope regarding Jerusalem, and I’m thinking this is also somehow tied into the radical Islam problem, too—with the pope seen as some kind of wonderful arbiter of peace regarding the ongoing hatred in that part of the world—a temporary peace, though. Your thoughts on this, please, and an explanation of “between the seas” and whatever else is apparent I don’t comprehend.

Jeff, through you, the Lord is blessing us. Thank you for your part in God’s plan. I will share what I fully comprehend on this end. Blessings to you and yours. JH.


You should order the book titled, The Final Rise and Fall of the King of the North, or the Time of the End magazine. Both publications address these verses in detail. Jeff.

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