Eating the Little Book

icon_eating_the_little_bookThis is the transcription from a series of sermons by Darrio Taylor, held at the meetings during the german prophecy school in Diepoldsburg. Darrio takes us through an in depth bible study on the “Little Book” as presented in Rev. 10, yet found throughout the bible.

The King of the North

icon_ktn_enA Collection of Quotes for study and presentation.
Topics covered among others are:
– Daniel 11
– The 3+1 combination
– The decrees
– Parallels, Christ and the Millerites
– The prophetic pattern
– The sealing
– The 7 times
– Millers Dream
– The eating of the little book
– Isaiah 21
– Revelation 18
– Islam and Ishmael
– the 3 Woes
– Luke 21